3 Days in Masai mara migration Tour safari

3 Days in Masai mara migration Tour safari

Migration safari in Masai mara Kenya


Masai mara migration 3 days safari package is available in 2013 as a 2 night tour to Masai mara to see the wildebeest migration. The Masai mara wildebeest migration safari is a 3 day trip to the park which is 280km from Nairobi. The Masai mara is world famous for its large herds of wildebeests and other plains game. It is only in Masai mara that you will find more than 10 lion prides, hundreds of elephant herds and thousands of antelopes and gazelles.

What Is the Masai Mara Migration 3 Days Safari Tour Packages?

The Masai mara migration 3 days Camping safari is possibly the most interesting safari in Africa. It is a safari to see the world’s largest migration of wild animals in a distance of more than 3,000km. The Masai mara wildebeest migration is 1.5 million strong and it moves across the plains in one of the most amazing exodus on earth. The wildebeests migrate from Tanzania’s Serengeti national park into Masai mara game reserve in Kenya in search of fresh green pasture.

The migration is fraught with dangers for the wildebeests as they cross the plains with the lions in tow and crocodiles waiting in the flooded river mara. The river crossing at the mara river is the most dramatic event where hundreds upon hundreds of these animals jump into the river with a splash as they try to make a mad dash across the strong current and crocodile infested river mara. Over 2000 of them die at this river crossing from the ensuing stampede and drowning. The masai mara river wildebeest stampede is the best event of all the migration tour.

A Masai mara 3 days migration safari package is a 2 night stay at the game reserve tented camps, lodges or campsites to follow the migration as it snakes around the Masai mara park. The choice of accommodation will depend on your budget and there is a wide choice of them.

Which Are The Other Animals To See In A Masai Mara Migration 3 Days Safari Tour Packages?

There are many other animals that you can see during your Masai mara migration package for 3 days. Masai mara is famous for its large abundance of wildlife which is estimated to be more than 3 million mostly composed of the plains game grazers. There is an equally high density of big predators in Masai mara than anywhere else including the leopards, cheetahs, hyenas and lions.2631759-Mara-Serena-Safari-Lodge-Guest-Room-19

This makes Masai mara the most rewarding game park to visit in Kenya as you are guaranteed to have seen all the animals you can see in a three day safari tour. The Masai mara 3 days of game viewing safari includes a full day game drive on the second day which will reveal to you the most elusive and shy animals including the leopards. It is only in Masai mara that a pride of lions will lie in the shadow of your car, 3 feet away from your camera lens.

Which Accommodations to Stay In a Masai Mara Migration 3 Days Safari Tour Packages?

Masai mara 3 days safari tour package has a wide variety of places you can stay in depending on your budget. There are many types of places to stay including the very basic campsite tents, masai mara lodges, budget tented camps and the high end luxury tented and hunting tents. These Masai mara 3 days safari tour packages are especially good depending on where you stay.

The most famous budget tented camps include the enchoro wildlife camp, rhino tourist camp and Mara Sidai camp. Among the lodges in masai mara game reserve, the mara Sopa, mara Serena, mara Keekorok lodge and others are good places to stay. The high end tented camps include the mara Intrepids, governors camp, Sekenani camp and several others.

You can choose the type of service and standards you want depending on how much money you want to spend in a masai mara 3 days migration safari package. There are however some very decent budget tented camps that are ok if can do without a swimming pool.

What Other Activities Can I do in a Masai Mara Migration 3 Day’s Safari Tour Packages?

If you love the Masai culture, you can opt to go for a half day tour to any of the several Masai villages that surround the park. These villages are authentic bllooning-smallMasai places that have full families together with their livestock. The Masai will be glad to perform a wedding dance and show you how they live including a visit to one of their naturally air-conditioned houses with unique architectural designs.

You can also opt to go for a hot air balloon ride in the morning to see the animals as they are waking up and hunting. The balloon safaris include a 1 hr flight above Masai mara, a champagne breakfast and a 1 hr morning game drive in open vehicles.

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